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Best Price Guarantee
Grapat 2022 Wild Wild Range

Grapat 2022 Wild Wild Range

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Stroll through the woods, play with sticks and stones, make bonfires and sleep under skies full of stars. Run wild, be wild.

WILD is a collection of 12 creatures living on the edge of fantasy and reality… in fact they aren’t ordinary bugs: each comes with its own specimen card that explains its superpower. There’s a hungry little one that can eat all your sorrows, a lucky one that will look after you if you carry it in your pocket , and another royal one that will teach you to dance the dance of the wind… Let them guide you - you can’t even imagine all of the wild adventures that they will take you on! 💚

PETALS PLATFORMS is a big set of 24 wooden leaf-shaped structures that were originally thought out to be surfaces for mandalas, but after a few months of testing and studies conducted by our professional play inspectors (kids!), a world of possibilities has suddenly opened up. Among many things, they turned into bunny ears and even horse tails… Well, they are top experts after all! 😆 This is one of the endless reasons why open-ended play is the best thing on earth after ice-cream (and pizza!). Happy creations! 🙌

I guess these funny little guys came as a natural, almost instinctive reaction to the tough times we all went through lately, moved by this human need to feel connected to the joy that is living once again. So these families of fantastical Nins inspired by pop art and old-school comics are my gift to the world: may all your playtimes be filled with pure happiness, freedom and endless surprise… OOH-LALA! WOW! HOORAY! YAY! …their name says it all! 💖

WONDERS is a collection of 12 elements from the flora realm, to connect with the cyclical changes in nature and to treasure mother earth’s gifts every month of each season. A great addition to the perpetual calendar, but also perfect unstructured material for any open-ended activity. Life cycles round in circles, the rhythm of time reveals Nature’s Wonders… 🤍


NATURAL MANDALAS is an extensive set formed by a mix of 120 pieces from our classic Mandalas range, offered in naked wood. Whether you feel like composing a Mandala, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, adding some details to your small worlds, or giving a go at counting and classifying, these little pieces will become the most cherished play companions. For all the natural wood lovers out there who have been asking over the years - we heard you, and they are finally here! 🤗

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