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Best Price Guarantee
Best Price Guarantee

About Us

In selecting the toys that we carry, we incorporate the educational system of world-renowned educator, Maria Montessori, ensuring that they are natural, minimal yet interesting. For our kids, we did not want them to spend their childhoods accompanied by iPads and computer games. With our toys, they are able to be more in touch with the real world through our quality products and be encouraged to imagine and explore their own world of play. Our product aims to provide 100% of unplugged fun, no screens and no wires.
Toypark was established in January of 2021. The idea behind this came about when we were looking for toys online during the COVID-19 Pandemic for our own child. Browsing through the options, we wondered: Why does it take 2 weeks for the product to arrive? Why are the postage prices so high? We believe that access to good toys should be quick and simple. Hence, Toypark was born.

As almost all of the team here at Toypark are parents, we are not only the operators of our organization but also our biggest critics and consumers. We understand first hand the importance of reducing or even eliminating the costs of postage, shorter delivery times as well as excellent after sales services. All of these have come from trials and errors with various logistics companies as well as dealing with each issue that arises during the shopping process. So far, we have been able to achieve our $99 free shipping and $119 express shipping targets. In the future, we strive to bring better value to our customers and to improve the overall user experience.

We are also a proud supporter of the Melbourne Children’s Hospital Foundation, who help more children to live a Happy Childhood. ❤ We believe in creativity, imagination, care, and connection.