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More than just a design brand, OYOY is for modern families in the search of re-calling childhood memories and creating new ones. Their Living and Mini collections are embedded in the Danish tradition of simplicity, with a playful yet straight forward approach to design to accompany everyday family life. OYOY strive to be one of the strongest Danish design brands offering home accessories for adults & children.

Lion Collection

The Lion Collection is suitable for kids' room. You can tell the story of lions to your children together with the products:

  • An adult male’s roar can be heard up to 8 km away.
  • In the wild, lions live for an average of 12 years and up to 16 years.
  • Lions run at a speed of up to 81 kmph.
  • Male lions spend their time guarding their territory and their cubs.
  • Female lions are the primary hunters of the group. Lions usually hunt at night.
  • Female lions need 5 kg of meat a day. A male needs 7 kg or more a day.
  • The lion is the second-largest cat in the world.

Relevant Products:


              OYOY Lion Rug                               


OYOY Lion Bamboo Tableware
                Set of 3

Rainbow Collection

At the end of the rainbow, it’s possible to find a jar of gold.

"Everyone knows the story, and hasn’t everyone wanted to look at the end of the rainbow to find gold?"

The rainbow is a beautiful phenomenon and its mysterious beauty has fascinated and inspired people throughout time. In childhood, we have seen the rainbow out of the window in the children’s room, out of the car window on a drive, on a walk with the family, on a holiday or somewhere completely different. It comes out of the blue, and the amazing color play in the bow always seems enchanting and magical to us.

            OYOY Rainbow Rug

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