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Learning with Nature: Guidecraft New Arrivals

Learning with Nature: Guidecraft New Arrivals

Create the perfect learning space with Guidecraft Toys
Guidecraft designs versatile kids furniture and inherently educational toys – the essentials to set up the perfect learning space for young children. For over 50 years, Guidecraft has strived to create learning environments and engaging materials that are wholly inspiring and enriching to a child. Design your own classroom or a special playroom or bedroom for your child using Guidecraft’s wide range of quality, wooden furniture and toys.

Learning with nature means not just learning in or about nature but learning in an environment where the natural world becomes another teacher. Good teachers of course help their students learn facts and ways of thinking, but they also inspire. They make us feel something so strongly we are sparked to create.

Guidecraft New Arrivals!

1. Guidecraft Treasure Tubes – Clear

Store loose parts

Collect little things

For three to five-year-olds, a collection of the two containers is an opportunity to explore their space and world, create collections, stack, and most importantly open and close. They can collect something and cap it in for observation: it might be a bug or a dandelion or little things found around the house. A Treasure Tube might become a place for those little scribbled notes: the cap pops on and off easily, but keeps their message sealed safely inside.


2.Guidecraft Little Bricks – 60 pc. Set (Pre-order June)

Play with Waytoplay Highway

Build a house

A collection of open-ended materials, like an assortment of Little Bricks, can be a simple introduction to child-centered play for adults and kids alike:
The pieces are uniform, making it simple for children with developing fine-motor skills to create stable structures.
The material is durable,so they can be used inside, outside and anywhere, allowing them to travel through space as children need them in their play.
A little suggestion goes a long way:adults can create a small setup to pique children’s curiosity.

Guidecraft Little Bricks are an ideal introduction to independent play with a self-explanatory, open-ended material. Young children can mess around with all sorts of possibilities; adults can play along to model and support. The creativity cards with Little Bricks, suggesting circle, incline, structure, and more, give visual hints and inspiration for kids and caregivers as they get to know the materials.

The big idea: children are most always engaged in playful learning as they make personal connections with their world. Bringing this idea out of the classroom and into the home tells children that their ideas are valid, and their independent play is valued.


Natural and unscripted play patterns emerge when Branch Blocks are provided for building and dramatic play inspiration. The intact textured bark on each building piece adds sensory exploration mirroring the organic benefits of outdoor play. Use Branch Blocks to practice stacking, sorting and STEM activities.


No matter where the art is expressed, the inspiration requires extensive time outdoors. Not only time in nature, but intentional time that allows nature to teach. That is, time for children to experience and be inspired by nature. If we support this time, we’ll likely find ourselves inspired by the children themselves.  

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