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Best Price Guarantee!
Best Price Guarantee!
Ocamora - Good Partner for Bauspiel & Papoose Toys

Ocamora - Good Partner for Bauspiel & Papoose Toys





Ocamora toys are made in a small toy factory in Spain, with love and respect for the wood they use to make their beautiful toys. A new business with an old soul.

Their toys use wood from sustainably managed forests, eco-friendly paints and natural vegetable oils.

Perfect match with:



The combination of Bauspiel and Ocamora makes the different sets as a whole. They encourage your children to build a colourful world on their own which explore creativity and imagination.

The following 4 items are popular ones:

         Ocamora Full Set Trees              

             10 Piece - Coloured

 Ocamora 7 Teniques - Coloured




 Bauspiel Large Rainbow 35cm - 7pc 


Ocamora 7 Rainbow Houses


With combination, the tree is no longer a indivisual tree, the rainbow is no longer a single rainbow. They form a excellent scenery.

If your children is interested in blocks and buildings,you can choose the follwing aternatives:

Ocamora 12 Star Stackers       


Bauspiel Window Shapes


Adding a little sparkle to your week with some star wands.Half of Australia is now in lockdown, but that won't stop us dreaming of exciting vacations and imagining exotic locations to visit.


 Bauspiel+Ocamora+Papoose Toys


  Papoose Toys - Medium PRD Dinosaurs    


Papoose Toys - Autumn Trees


    Bauspiel Giant Rainbow       


Ocamora Bonsais - Coloured


The combination of different brands give you more opportunity to create and imagine:

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