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Best Price Guarantee!
🎈Learn with Waytoplay

🎈Learn with Waytoplay

Waytoplay toys






Waytoplay was born from a family passion for playing with toy cars in sun and sand. Father, inventor and designer Sybren created waytoplay for his son Joep, way back in 2003. That led down a road of evolution to the unbreakable weatherproof road for everyone to enjoy today.

Learn at home with Waytoplay!

Make a Map

Decide what kind of map you will be making

  •  Your neighborhood
  • A area in town you visit often with favorite shops or restaurants
  • An imaginary town where they get to build a small world of their own and put whatever they want on the map
  • A map based on a book that you read to them where they are recreating the location of a story

Have them set up and trace their town using the Waytoplay roads on top of a large strip of paper or poster board.

 If you do not have large paper you can also tape smaller pieces together and even do so in a way that is easy to fold later for easy storage and to keep working on at a later time. You could also recycle a cardboard box that has been flattened for a more durable option. Make sure to secure the paper to the table or floor with tape so it does not move while the map is being made.

 Encourage your child to slowly start to draw other things on the map as they play and imagine


 This is one of the times it may be good to think aloud with them and give a few ideas to get them going. Get excited about their ideas, and ask questions to spark new possibilities! If your child has a hard time drawing freehand, consider letting them trace not only the roads, but trace blocks that make up their buildings and even animals or people that they use in their play. Let them do as much of the drawing themselves as possible so they have ownership and pride in their project.

 Let them take their time and have fun!


This is the kind of project that could be worked on for multiple days to add more details. An extra idea for a more in-depth project would be to use the map they create to help them write a story about what happens in their small world. This would be a great activity to do together where they tell you what is happening while they drive around on the roads and you write down the words to read back to them as they act out the story through playing on their map! If you have made a map based on a story that has already been written, this is a great time to read-aloud the book to them as they play and get in some interactive read-aloud time!


Learn outside with Waytoplay

Getting your kids to play outside isn't just fun -- it's good for them!

Promotes Social Skills


We believe that getting kids to play outside -- and, specifically, engaging in unstructured (open end) play -- promotes a wide range of skills:

"On a playground, not everyone gets to go down the slide first. Going to a playground with your kids is not just about running around and being active, but it's also about learning social skills, executive functions, and behavioural skills as well through play."

Reduces Stress

When it comes to stress, Legendre tends to rely on natural remedies: "Spending time outside playing is such a huge outlet for stress. It's relaxing; it is healing," she said.

Increases Vitamin D Levels

 The American Academy of Pediatrics says that vitamin D offers us several health benefits, such as strengthening bone health and helping to prevent diabetes and heart disease. In order to stave off vitamin D deficiencies in children, the Cleveland Clinic strongly urges parents and child care providers to make sure that their kids receive a healthy dose of the nutrient starting at birth. There are vitamin D supplements that you can take, but you can also get it through a free and natural


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