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Connetix Tiles New Pastel Range-Bring Imaginations To Life

Connetix Tiles New Pastel Range-Bring Imaginations To Life

Today,we will share some intersting ways to play with Connetix Tiles New Pastel Range.

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A great way to explore the versatility



''Boys have been enjoying the new Connetix pastel range and what better way to use them than to combine them with their favourite climbing triangle.''

A great way to explore the versatility of these tiles as well as their colours. They are just too pretty out in the sunshine as well 🌞

Pretend Play




"Today was spent playing shops, grocery shopping and making some fairy bread🥰 Idris absolutely loved chopping up his strawberries, a great way to let your little one's practice some life skills as well as strengthen those finger muscles.

We used our connetix tiles to build a little shop which we've done before and just enjoyed some shop play in the sun 🌞

I definitely think Mr I's favourite part was making his fairy bread and dipping his bread in all those sprinkles....I think that's going to be requested now more often 😂"

 120 Piece Pastel Creative Pack

Designed to encourage hours of limitless creativity, fun and learning through PLAY, our Pastel Creative Pack features a variety of shapes in 8 pastel colours. It is a great starter option for family play, building BIGGER Connetix creations and expanding the range of colours your children recognise!

Whether playing independently or with friends and family, the 120 piece Pastel Creative Pack encourages STEAM learning and the development of fine and gross motor skills. Watch as children create bigger castles and rockets, towers, coin drops, bridges and mandalas, explore patterns and shapes, create colour sorting boxes, plus so much more. Our Pastel Creative Pack will also support the development of perseverance and resilience as children design larger scale builds, testing the limits of their imagination.




 202 pc Pastel Mega Pack

Featuring all our standard tile shapes in 8 unique earthy pastel colours PLUS two car bases, this pack is the ultimate option to kickstart or grow your magnetic tile collection. Expand the range of colours children know with our hues of rose, berry, peach, mint, emerald, lemon, violet and sapphire.

Providing endless possibilities for creativity and learning through PLAY, our Pastel Mega Pack is the perfect option for siblings, family and/or friends to enjoy building MEGA Connetix creations together!

Watch ideas and designs come to life as children build pastel coloured creations such as castles and carriages, incredibly tall walls and towers, castles and houses, animals, mandalas – the possibilities really are limited only by your imagination with this pack!

40 pc Pastel Geometry Pack

Featuring hexagons and triangles in 8 unique pastel hues, this pack will encourage learners to explore aspects of geometry such as shape, lines, angles, dimensions (length, width, radius), fractions, 2D and 3D shapes, plus magnetism and colour… all through PLAY.

Add our pastel hexagons and triangles to your collection and enjoy creating patterns, pyramids, dodecagons, mandalas and so much more!


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