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Grapat-Just Loose Parts?

Grapat-Just Loose Parts?

Grapat is a small family project that came to life when the founders, Jordi and Casiana were inspired by watching their three year old daughter at free play when they lived at the foothills of the Pyrenean mountains of Catalunya in Spain.

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How our 1 and 3 year old play with open ended toys together but differently.
The Graphat Wooden Toys Nin Carla set, Coloured Mates and Little Things are the perfect addition to any open ended play space. The versatility of the Graphat Wooden Toys collection allows for it to be used in many forms and cater for a wide age range from our youngest little explorers to us as adults who have been exploring for quite some time now. They can be used alone, with other Graphat Wooden Toys, in addition to other branded toys and or, other simple supplies from around the house.

The Grapat Nins Carla set includes 12 Nins, 72 rings and 36 coins in 12 rainbow colours with Grapat cloth bag and gift box, recommended for children aged 12 months+. Little things are a Wish box with a little figure inside, Recommended age +18 months. Grapat 12 Mates includes 12 cups in 12 different rainbow colours with included Grapat gift box, recommended for 10+ months.

When you combine Graphat Wooden Toys with other toys (including Sarah’s silks and educational counting numbers), resources from around the home (including egg cartons, muffin trays or cardboard rolls) or recyclable materials (including cardboard rolls or the beauluful packaging the Graphat sets arrive in) can have great purpose in learning fine motor skills, gross motor skills, object permanence, cause and effect, process of memory and more.

1 year old play ideas

Here are just a few favourite easy and quick to set up and play options for a 1 year old
Stacking as high as you can
Unthreading off Sarah’s silks
Coin Drop using the Graphat packaging with a whole cut out in the size of the coins and rings
Hide and seek, using muffin trays to hide the loose parts in and place Sarah’s silks over the top to do hide and seek
Placing the Grapat sets in a sensory box as a sensory base (Pictured below)
Graphat rings are also a great solid teether

3 year old play ideas

A few great play activities with little set up and resources required that will keep a 3 year old engaged are
Small world play, combine with Sarah’s silks to create a landscape of the sea, sand and grassy hills. Using different rings and coins as rocks, waves, fires, and towers in some small world play. (Pictured below)
Patterns and grouping including; Colour matching, lining up in size colour or variety, making and copying patterns that had already been set up
Threading onto Sarahs Silks variety (then give to the 1 year old to un thread and repeat)
Counting and math skills

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