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How to find the perfect toy for your bundle of joy

How to find the perfect toy for your bundle of joy





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Our new Baby Deluxe Range inspired by the Montessori philosophy, caters to different ages and stages of development with a range of beautiful and eco-friendly toys that are a must-have.

When designing this range, we referred to Maria Montessori and her philosophy so that we could bring popular, stimulating, and stunning products to our range. If you were looking for toys that could inspire and motivate your little one into being creative, playful and imaginative these are for you!

3 Months+

Starting from just 3 months old we have two inspiring and educating toys on offer.
We have the dual discs. It might just look like a simple wooden toy but you would be surprised by the learning that takes place. The interlocking discs have a dual purpose: crawling motivation and hand-to-hand transfer. The unique positioning of the discs means this hand to hand transfer also requires some wrist rotation.
Your other options are the wooden candy rattle , Grasping Rattles and Cube Rattle which are also fitting for ages 3 month olds and above, perfect for little hands to grasp and offers a delightful and engaging wooden rattle sound.


12 Months+
At 12 months of age we introduce the single simple shapes. To understand exactly how to sort the shapes, children need to understand the relationship between the shape of the small part and the shape of the hole. This teaches your child to plane orientation.

Following Montessori’s philosophy, we recommend introducing one puzzle at a time as your child gains dexterity and the ability to discriminate between shapes, introduce multiple puzzles at once and let them discover which shapes fit into which holes.

Moving on from the simple shapes you can introduce the Circle Puzzle. By keeping the circle puzzle constant of shape this allows children to concentrate on which size circle matches which hole before introducing the chunky shape puzzle at 12 months+.


18 Months+
From 18 Months and on, our Mini stacker offers only 3 pieces your child can easily see the concept of small, medium and large. Your toddler can practice ordering by size, Hand-eye coordination and problem solving. This movement and understanding forms an important part of your child’s processing and is bundles of fun for them at the same time!

Because the stacker only has three pieces, toddlers are able to easily see the concept of small, medium, and large. Each ring is made of a different wood type in order to produce contrasting wood tones.

The 3 Pole Puzzle, this cylinder is kept simple with 3 cylinders that vary in sizing. Suitable for children aged 18 months+ to explore size perception and promote concentration before introducing the 9 pole puzzle. Once your child has mastered removing an object and placing it back you can move onto our 9 Pole Puzzle which offers size perception, promotes concentration and encourages independence.

Another great addition to our 18 month+ range is the Horizontal Hanger. Encouraging to develop a slightly different grasp than a traditional stacking toy, and it creates an added challenge for the child. Including 6 rings that are interchangeable so that your child can use the thinner rings until they have refined enough to be successful with the thicker rings.


2-year-olds are at the great age that means you can introduce our Shape Sorter. Our traditional shape sorter comes with 4 shapes to match the sorting holes. Offering children with the opportunity to play with cause and effect all while celebrating their accomplishment when the shapes fall into the sorter. This shape sorter can be used to roll along the ground offering a unique sound with the wooden shapes inside.

Another great toy for 2+ is the screw mushroom, it helps develop five-finger grip and rotational movements of the wrist, as well as fine motor skills. While practicing screwing in the head of the mushroom the child will need to work not only with their fingers but with the whole hand.

And lastly at the 2 year mark we offer the Number and eggs set. The first introduction to numbers. Number eggs are so much fun! Offering so many opportunities for learning and playing with one toy while beginning the recognition into numbers.

 Every Child is different.

Following these age guidelines is a great way to know what your child needs and when they need it. But of course, every little one is different, unique and special, and the most exciting part of watching them grow is seeing them learn and change and become who they are meant to be. Feel free to buy the ones you think your little person will love the most and let them play when they are ready, we love and support every child’s development and would be excited to see every single one of them throughout these beautiful early years.

We’d love to hear from you with any more questions or even just to send us pictures of your bundles of joy! Hopefully you and your growing family will love our new Baby Deluxe Range as much as we do

Lots of Love,

The QToys Family

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