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How Grapat Loose Parts can help create open-ended play?

How Grapat Loose Parts can help create open-ended play?


Grapat wooden toys are the perfect addition to any open-ended play space
The versatility of the Grapat wooden toys collection allows for it to be used in any open-ended play and cater for a wide age range from your youngest little explorers to us as adults who have been exploring for quite some time now.

Today, we'd love to share the open-ended play ideas from Marissa Chelchowski.

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Today, we'd love to share the open-ended play ideas from Marissa Chelchowski.

The Grapat Mandala loose parts collection has created a whole new meaning for the in which students in the classroom can explore. As a new collector of Grapat Mandala, I can say it’s a must in any early childhood setting. The creative aspect of the grapat is endless with imaginations being fostered by all the beautiful parts of the collection. The vibrant colours and shapes available in the collection are mesmerizing.

I have never seen so many wonderful uses for the Grapat mandala in my classroom as it is! I pondered at the other uses we could have in the classroom for it and certainly found one we stumbled across, helping to ease emotional dysregulation! My students with big feelings would find themselves emersed in the Grapat collection busily widening their imaginations to create all wonderous things and finding themselves after completely regulated.


The Grapat Mandala Collection can be incorporated with some many other loose parts that continue to add to small world plays in the classroom. We are currently experimenting with Grapat in the use of making mandalas for relaxation purposes, the opportunities are truly endless. The colours are so inviting and engaging and foster many wondering minds. I actually cant pick a favourite in the classroom as they are all heavily used in numerous capacities.

Loose parts play absolutely connects with Grapat in the gateway to fostering creativity and big imaginations right in front of your very eyes. Can you imagine returning to a student after 10 minutes to gaze upon a creation of utter beauty and detail, the detailed and fostered language Grapat provides in play is next level. As a teacher I am so in awe when I get to sit and listen to the explanations of what has been created and how their minds think and react.

The best thing you can do is provide Grapat in your setting, there is no instruction manual on how to use them, they are an essential staple for any child. Grab that box off the shelf and immerse yourself in the endless opportunities that await you with the Grapat mandala! Loose parts are the play all education settings should engage with, it provides a whole other world for students and is educational in itself beyond meaning.

I have many other natural loose parts in my classroom that compliment the Grapat when used with each other, my students creativity takes off and they incorporate many different items. Don’t be afraid to add other loose parts from around the house to your setting and engage yourself in the beauty that Grapat holds.


I am truly proud to say that the Grapat Mandala loose parts will be a proud staple in my classroom for years to come, the love and joy I see out of students creating just illiterates for me that I made the best decision yet jumping on board the band wagon with Grapat and will continue to add to the collection and find further inspiring ways to promote and use it in the classroom.

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