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Wild Christmas is Coming Up!

Wild Christmas is Coming Up!

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Not long until the most special time of the year knocks on our door. And our wish is to brighten it up with a very personal limited edition.

This calendar is our personal gift to you, inside each box you will find a little piece of our family: traditions, ideas and rituals that we – Casiana, Jordi, Lola and Tomàs – have been growing with over the years. If you like them, who knows, maybe they will become part of your family rituals too!

For us, this time leading up to Christmas is all about making, crafting, baking and using our hands on one side but also, staying together, reflecting, talking and, more importantly, consciously listening to each other. It’s the time to look inward, but also to express how much we love each other. So thank you for joining in this magical time, and please show us your own traditions too, sharing them using the hashtag #grapatchristmas so we can all learn about each other’s rituals!


It all started with a wish… Last year, as the advent time was going by, something clicked. Instead of simply making this year’s advent calendar for our own little household once again, we thought it was time to share it with the rest of our extended household all around the world: our Grapat family! …because when we say that we are one big family, we really mean it.

The wish for this coming Christmas is to break down walls and borders, to go beyond language barriers and cultural differences, to pierce through space and time. To truly be together, as one. So it is from our own hands (and hearts!) that we offer this limited edition calendar of advent. As for everything else that we do here at Grapat, it is an open-ended version of an advent calendar, done our way and ready to be adapted to your own one. It comes with a booklet filled with invitations to play, discover and feel for each day leading up to Xmas, the same rituals that our family has been growing with over the years.

LO + L A

The other surprise for this Xmas is a remix of our beloved Lola set, now available for sale in two lighter versions, but packed with the same versatility and endless play-opportunities as their big sister…

One of the two little sisters of our renowned Lola set, containing 36 pieces in our 6 basic colours. Open-ended and cheerful by nature, Lo is the perfect companion for any playtime. Also perfect for activities that stimulate divergent thinking, eye-manual and logical-mathematical development.

Sending love, from our family to yours.

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