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Just Blocks- Focusing on Child Development

Just Blocks- Focusing on Child Development

Just Blocks are ecologically wooden blocks manufactured out of beech wood without being chemically treated by preservatives, paints or oils. Just Blocks come in four types of different sized packs and wood elements: Basic Blocks, small and large flat blocks and sticks.


'Just Blocks' can teach a child how to focus on a task at hand and how to persevere in successfully achieving a target. Through the creative experience of block construction, a child can thus learn about completing projects and in discovering their abilities. The 'Just Blocks' sets are designed so as to let children find their own solutions to structural problems and to develop spatial management skills through engaging in play.


The 'Just Blocks' grow with the child. Every stage in child develoment benefits. A 3-year old begins by simply arranging and combining the different block elements. This involves recognising and matching shapes so that the blocks fit to any desired construction. The toddler thus learns to maintain the required hand-grip strength, becomes aware of wood block texture and about spatial relationships (ie. up, down, left, right). At this stage, towers are built (ie. one block above another) more than walls (adjacent blocks) or straight roads. At the age of 4-5 years the child tends to be more precise in its planning, where more complex building structures are made. They are also better able to deal with being frustrated, how to solve problems and to achieve goals. A 'Just Blocks' set also contains obstacles, gates, windows, vehicles, bridges, etc. This is intended for 7+ year olds who can build complicated three-dimensional spatial structures. A seven-year-old accustomed to playing with 'Just Blocks' can grasp some basic rules of physics, is able to balance their building constructions and to have a well-developed spatial imagination. Such a child is unafraid of challenges. First, pyramids are created, then castles, houses, motorways and many other constructs. Another very important feature of 'Just Blocks' is the fascinating challenge it poses for older people (ie. teenagers, parents or even grandparents). It is indeed a great idea for family playing.


This is the first step required in building any construction. The child therefore needs to have sufficient numbers of building elements, a playing space and perhaps the help and advice of a friend or parent can be most welcome. During the play building, a child may find that some plans and assumptions need to changed or modified so that structures become more stable and functional to what is desired. Such experience can be used by the child for future project design.

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