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The Freckled Frog - Learn Through Play

The Freckled Frog - Learn Through Play





At The Freckled Frog we have a wide range of educational toys in Australia that we design and manufacture to inspire children’s love of learning. We have been selling educational toys online since 2009 and are trusted by educators from over 20 countries around the world.

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Learning the alphabet with the hungry alphabet monster! 

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Learning the alphabet with the hungry alphabet monster is a fun way for children to learn their ABC’s!

Children naturally learn through play. They explore, experiment, discover and make sense of our world in imaginative and fun ways. This activity encourages play-based learning, so when you help your child learn the alphabet try to engage them in a fun and meaningful approach.

What you will need:

-An empty tissue box.

-Alphabet discs or anything that has the alphabet that can fit into a tissue box.

-Art supplies to decorate your tissue box into a hungry alphabet monster.

You can begin with uppercase letters first as children often recognize them more easily, then move onto lowercase letters before introducing them altogether.

You can try:

-Ask your child to pick up a letter from the mix and feed it to the hungry alphabet monster while saying letter.

-Ask them letter of the alphabets from their name.

-Ask them letter of the alphabets your child engages with from your daily routines and experiences.

-Ask them letters of the alphabet from their favorite characters or things.

-Associating the letters of the alphabet with familiar sounds and interests can also open up opportunities for learning

You can even use the tissue box as a container for alphabet discs!

For this activity we used our Alphabet Matching Pairs.

Alphabet Matching Pairs


Animals Search&Find&Match


A perfect game for both young and old is the Australian Animals Matching Pairs set. Featuring all your favourite Australian animals such as the wombat, emu, platypus and so many more, these discs are great for learning about native Australian animals, as well as a fun game of matching pairs.

For this activity we used our Australian Animals – Matching Pairs:

Australian Animals Matching Pairs

This is a matching pairs memory game with a super fun twist. One disk in the pair is printed with a close up of an animal’s features while the other pair shows the entire animal. A great set for developing pre-school cognitive learning through aiding simple reasoning and problem-solving. As well as promoting children’s visual discrimination through matching, comparing, sorting and organising.

For this activity we used our Who am I? – Matching Pairs:

Who am I? – Matching Pairs


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