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Back-to-School Sale: Get 10% Off Storewide*! 🎒📚 The discount will be automatically applied at checkout.
Which magnetic tiles set should you buy?

Which magnetic tiles set should you buy?

Choosing the perfect Connetix magnetic tiles set can be confusing, especially if you're new to magnetic tile play. To help you navigate the options, I've put together some insights into the various Connetix Tile packs and what might be the best choice for your family.

What Connetix magnetic tiles set will be better to buy first?

If this is your first time buying magnetic tiles, here are the essential factors to keep in mind:

How your children like to play,

Whether multiple children will be using the tiles,

How you would like to engage in fun and educational activities with the magnetic tiles.

The 212 piece Mega Pack is the ultimate starter set, featuring every shape in every rainbow color, plus six large hexagons in each color and two purple car motion bases. This set is perfect for sibling, family, or friend play, larger builds, and versatile play. It's also ideal for those keen to collect every shape in every color.The 212 Mega Pack encourages cognitive development, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, and fine and gross motor skills. It helps children build knowledge around scientific and mathematical concepts—all through the joy of PLAY!

The 102 piece Creative Pack offers a variety of shapes and colors, including fence pieces, rectangles, small and large squares, equilateral, right-angle, and isosceles triangles, plus windows and door frames. Ideal for family play, this set is perfect for building BIG Connetix creations, from intricate ball runs to imaginative small world setups and engaging learning activities.

If you're unsure whether your child will enjoy magnetic tile play, I recommend starting with the 62 piece Starter Pack for a variety of smaller builds and play types, or the 24 piece Motion Pack if you have a little vehicle enthusiast who loves wheels.

We have more than one child, how many magnetic tiles will I need?

How many Connetix magnetic tiles you need truly depends on your children's ages and how they play. But I understand how challenging it can be to decide which set to buy. So here's some advice...

If you're considering purchasing just one set, the 212 piece Mega Pack or the 102 piece Creative Pack will provide the best opportunities for sibling play.

Older children (4+) who are confident with magnetic tile play will likely want to build bigger structures, color match, and explore more versatile uses. If you have older kids, you might find that one set isn't enough to satisfy their creativity.

Younger children often start with smaller sets and, as they grow and become more confident, they will likely want more Connetix tiles to expand their creations.

In essence, I've never met anyone who felt they had too many magnetic tiles. Consider your children's ages and interests, keep your budget in mind, and remember that you can always expand your collection over time.

Please note: Connetix magnetic tiles are safety tested and suitable for children aged 3+. Always supervise younger children during play, especially when using toys with small parts.

We have a set of Connetix magnetic tiles, what magnetic tiles set should we buy next?

This will depend on your individual situation. Here are some tips to help you decide on expanding your Connetix collection...


The 212 piece Mega Pack is ideal for starting or expanding your magnetic tile collection, featuring a wide array of colors and shapes, including the new large hexagons.

For those looking to build larger structures, the 102 piece Creative Pack is another excellent option. It includes 6 large square tiles and a variety of other shapes in set colors.


The 212 piece Mega Pack includes every shape in every color.


The 24 piece Motion Pack is ideal for vehicle enthusiasts! It includes two car bases with real rubber wheels, along with various squares, windows, and rectangles.

If you’re constructing on carpet or uneven surfaces, Base Plates are essential for building taller than ever. They also provide support for larger, multi-level structures like dollhouses, castles, fire stations, rockets, and towers.

The 66 piece Ball Run Expansion Pack is a perfect way to mix up your magnetic tile play. It includes a variety of clear, fluted tubes and connector pieces.(Please note: for the best Ball Run creations, you might want to have standard magnetic tiles on hand. I also suggest pairing this Pack with the Base Plates).


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